Secrets of Success

Deep within you is the voice of your eternal Self saying, “Remember me? I am the source of all you need.” This single statement summarizes the “self help” volume that is Secrets of Success. Sandra Taylor and Sharon Klingler lay bare a truth so many find hard to accept: human beings are spirit experiencing a physical journey. The ultimate discovery is realizing the link between spirit and flesh-and-blood reality is thought: to change your life – change your thinking.

Secrets to Success, The Science and Spirit of Real Prosperity is organized into three sections, each focused on revealing different aspects of the one true secret of success: experiencing joy in everyday life is the source of real prosperity.

In Part I: Life, Law, Force and Future, Sandra stresses that through consciousness human beings manifest the reality they experience. Each person possesses both the ability and option to change everything. Intentions, and the energetic vibrations they empower, cause the universe to respond. Thought is the source and the solution of every circumstance. This entire brick and mortar reality is in truth a field of energy in constant flux. Unfortunately most people never realize they influence the flow. Most just allow themselves to be swept up in the current and never fulfill the promise and potential of life’s limitless opportunity.

Aristotle proclaimed, “The energy of mind is the essence of life.” To control the essence of life – master mind. To create joyful experiences become aware of forces at work that undermine intention. Act in the present moment. Come to recognize fearful, worrisome or toxic thoughts and consciously choose to replace negative influences with self-affirming, prosperous, productive intentions.

Changing the world “out there” begins by changing the world “in here”. Emotional energy is a transformative tool. All the world is a looking glass reflecting back the energy of soul. Feelings and emotions are gauges – if they are negative, much work is to be done.

Sandra introduces the eastern mystic tradition of energy flow – the “Chakra System” which defines the currents of energy coursing through the human body. You can achieve nearly anything in any area of life by aligning positive intention with the vibrations of the universe. Establishing and maintaining emotional and spiritual prosperity allows every other kind of prosperity to follow. “When you intend value – no matter what – your life is filled with choices and cognitions that reflect that. And your energy vibrates with courage and profound integrity, a truly brilliant magnetism.”

We are all human and divine. Connecting with the source leads to fulfillment. Success is a choice. Choose to make the connection. Let go of need, detach from future expectations and instead live from the unlimited wealth of the source.

In Part II: Spirit Accelerated Success, Sharon points out the tools, advocates and guides each person has available to succeed and live a full and fulfilling life. Intuition is the means of sensing the still small voice whispering guidance to the sojourner. Spirits ranging from friends and relatives who have passed, to great achievers of history, to angels and archangels, to the very power of God are all readily available to the seeker.

The adventure is stacked in favor of those who listen to and employ spirit guides. Everyone is meant to succeed. Spirits are standing by to catch us when we stumble, redirect us when we stray, and propel us when we are ready to soar. Like we rely today on technological wizardry to communicate trifles, all we need do to blossom is: make the call – ask – then let go and enjoy the ride.

The task of the traveler is to connect with the divine. To accomplish this, redirect the weak forces in life and exploit the strong. Destroy negative habits. Maintain a higher inward focus and receive self-honoring commitments. External success is the manifestation of internal worth. God works through you and so needs you working. A more accurate measure of achievement is not what one gets, but rather what one gives.

The final section of Secrets of Success: Flip That Life, is a call to action. Life is motion – you will only get where you intend to go by deliberately steering that way. Erase the childhood drama and accept that all situations are passing opportunities to help you grow and evolve.

The circumstances of life are not what matters – only your responses do. Deconstruct the negativity that shackles you to mediocrity. Upgrade your mental and emotional makeup to bring success, prosperity and joy to your life, now and always.

Intention is the motive for action. Learn to value creating intention and build a life of possibility. Of all your choices keep intention in mind. For by making the right choices you move in the right direction. As Henry David Thoreau expressed, “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”

Each thought is a new choice. As Sandra and Sharon implore: be present, be soulful, be knowing and be active; then you will create your unique, awe-inspiring destiny.

Copyright (c) 2011 Scott F Paradis