Is Winning The Key To An Easier And Better Life?

It was in April that the first advert with an image of Tiger Woods stating that “winning fixes everything” by Nike began running. Though the slogan was not bad or with ill intention, it was the fact that tiger woods was associated with it that enraged many people in a lot of moral groups. His image was tarnished after the revelation of his adultery and most people that once were his fans saw him as nothing more than a scumbag. This was especially the case with women and somehow most sponsors started dropping him.

All this negative publicity and reaction from the public greatly affected his game, it just wasn’t good anymore and this was actually the main reason behind his business dismissal and not the adultery. At the moment Tiger is back to a decent game and this is slowly bringing the sponsors back.

Back when I was younger, I used to to be rejected by women regardless of what I did. However this quickly changed when I started becoming a WINNER in what I did, from sports to business. Producing achievement in these fields somehow opened doors to my dating life and I didn’t even have to put to much effort at it as even the ladies who once thought I was ugly started coming at me. The ladies started to view me in a different light and this was mainly contributed to the fact that I was making all sorts of achievements and being successful at what I did.

Becoming a winner in all aspects of your life; career, character, social life, lifestyle among other areas will make any woman who once left you doubt her original decision to leave you. Women like to be associated with success and all the privileges that come with it. This means that they would rather be with a winner than the alternative so working towards achievement and success could be the key to their coming on to you.

Failure brings with it a lot of worries and struggles that ladies like to avoid. It drives them away which leave you wondering if there is something wrong with you. This kind of rejection injures your will and drive to get to a better place which shouldn’t be the case. On the other hand, winning opens many doors to opportunity and these are the kind of luxuries that most women feel the need to be associated with. Women who once found nothing unique or good about you will quickly change their minds once you start winning in all the areas in your life.

Winning in life beats all pick up lines and tricks that most people focus and work so hard on. You might be good at it but once they start noticing the failure then the lines and tricks won’t be enough to make them stay. On the other hand when you start winning in your life, pick up lines won’t be necessary as the ladies will be making the first move. This is a proven fact, something that only a few gurus will tell you.