The Fun Factor – Easy Steps to a 48-Hour Day

When you love what you’re doing, chances are you’ll keep doing it. When you begin plotting out those baby steps that will help you reach your goals, make sure that you’ll enjoy taking them. I know it can be difficult at times. How much fun is scrubbing the toilet or doing thirty sit-ups? But there are ways to make every task more enjoyable. All it takes is a little bit of creativity. Here are some examples to get you started:

– Don’t want to exercise? Put on some favorite tunes that will get you moving and dance around the house with the kids for twenty minutes.

– Tired of healthy meals? Appeal to the other senses during dinner. Put on entertaining music, light candles, use your finest dishes and stemware.

– Hard time getting out of bed? But a special mug that you use for your morning tea or coffee. Spend five minutes stretching and enjoying the solitude.

– Don’t feel like cleaning up? Put on some music and make it a game by finishing the task before the end of the song.

– Hate folding clothes? Do all the folding while watching one of your favorite television shows.

Hopefully, these ideas will spur you on to add some fun to the baby steps that you need to take every day. Life is way too short to hate what you do. Love your life! Love what you do! A dose of fun, or as Mary Poppins says, “a spoonful of sugar,” will help you enjoy the daily tasks that will lead to your desired goal.