Self Improvements by Ourselves – Forgive and Forget

People said “let bygones be bygones”, it’s absolutely true. We can’t move forward by always remembering something makes us frustrated and stressed. It doesn’t mean that we must forget our past, our history, it’s actually mean that we have to make our bad experience in past as a motivation so we can have spirits to move forward, to struggle in this life.

Forgive and forget, kind of simple words and easy to say but hard to do. Well, forgive means that you are stop being angry to somebody for something that they have done to you. Forget means stop thinking about something (that people have done to you, especially if they already asked your apology). By forgive and forget, there will be many advantages. For instances, for you, you’ll feel free (in here means you will not feel burdened caused by your grudge towards someone), relief, and peace, as all the members of this world looking for. I know it is not easy to forgive and forget, sometimes we just so angry and that angry can’t be cured. But see, God, forgives all his mankind, by all means, for anything we’ve done. Now, we are just humans that have so many sin, it’s too arrogant if we don’t’ forgive people. Just imagine yourselves done something wrong and you tried to apologize but people you apologized did not even notice your apology. That’s rude and cruel, it will hurt your heart badly and it will triggers disintegration, don’t make it happens, prevent by forgive and forget. For the people you forgave, they will really appreciate your apology and you both will be a good friend forever and relation you both built will last longer and might be the longest one.

You know, why there are so many conflicts out there? What triggers war? Why so many disintegrations? Just see yourself first, are you already forgive and forget, people?

That’s why, try to forgive someone else and by that, sometimes if you makes mistakes, without any difficulty, people will forgive you also. Forgive and forget, and you’ll se the result, became the new you with peaceful life, no conflict, no grudge, no anger.