A Pearl Performance

If you can walk in another person’s shoes you might begin to understand the pain, suffering, quiet despair in their heart and the feeling of loneliness that no one cares.

We have all walked with these shoes on. But the problem is that you don’t know what another person is experiencing. We criticize based on what we see. Usually we don’t know the whole story of the reasons why a person is actiong the way they are. Besides, sadly no one, certainly not the Universe, gave you the authority to judge anyone.

You are not without sin. So how could you be so arrogant to judge another person? People who gossip are judgemental people. The only problem for you is that when you gossip all you will ever be known for is a person who judges others.

When you are face to face with another person

listen to their heart and not their words. Their

words can be harsh. Their face can show anger. But if you can look past that then you will have

a “pearl performance.”

Take care



thought up to describe that like a pearl come from a small particle irritating an oyster, so can we

build a pearl around us that is smooth, bright and kind of glows with understanding. See yourself in this pearl light.